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Total Organizer

Total Organizer is a Personal Information Manager, allowing you to store your tasks, todo(s), contacts and notes divided into tags (folders) - every record (e.g. contact) may belong to many folders simultaneously
Windows XP/NT

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Corlive.com - spam-free communication solution

Corlive.com is not a desktop software - it's a free web service enabling you to send and receive messages. Unlike in e-mails, there is no chance you will receive SPAM. There are also no anti-SPAM filters, so you will always get all the messages, and your message will always be delivered.
After registering, you will receive your Corlive.com contact address, like http://corlive.com/konrad which you can use instead of your e-mail address.

Ac Browser Plus

Ac Browser Plus is a file manager for windows, with integrated image viewer and converter, FTP client, file finder, and encryption/compression/mass renaming tools. Other features include for example folder synchronizer, "editorial renaming" (renaming files just like in a text editor), true multi-threading, calculating folder sizes "on fly", instant preview of image and multimedia files, file splitting and merging, simple script engine, zooming in/out thumbnails and other views (with Ctrl+mouse wheel), or file operation queueing.

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Ac Browser Plus

File Manager for windows, with integrated FTP client and image viewer

Total Organizer

Store your tasks,contacts, todos, using folders and tags!

Free contact form

Corlive.com: Spam free email alternative - web based application.

Ka Log Analyzer

Detailed website logs analysis

Key Launch

One application to rule them all...

Ka Firetask

Simple, yet powerful task scheduler


Imgares enables you to shrink batch of photos in three easy steps.


Automatically shutdowns the system (after a specified amount of time)

Sayri :: PHP Framework

A dead simple, yet powerfull PHP framework.

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