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This application simply reads the given directory and it's subdirectories, and produces .htm file basing on a given template. The result file can be used to print out the contents of the folder, or as a sitemap of your website.

Note: this program can't read your website online, it also doesn't understand external URLs, like:, it only reads and exports a folder.

Also, this application was created for myself, then I only added this help doc. and a few other things, and published. This means it is not very strongly tested, but it worked for me fine, so I assume it will work for you too.

So, there are two ways you can use this program: creating sitemaps (for websites) and simply getting a contents of a folder.

By the way - if you're a webmaster, I'm pretty sure you will like Ka Log Analyzer


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Quick Start

  1. Open the program.

  2. You will be prompted for a profile to load, choose anything, e.g. "contents of a directory.sitemap_creator_options".

  3. Specify the Directory to read (at the top-left part of the dialog).

  4. Press Do It! button,or press Enter.

One file - sitemap.htm - will be created and opened.

Program options




Program will use texts in these fields, when creating file. You can use macros (%MacroName%), which will be replaced with a value. For example: %fName% will be replaced with a name of the file\folder.



This is used at the beginning of the result file.


This is used for a folder. Besides you may define: Level down (when program enters the folder), and Level up (when it leaves a folder). Usually you want to use <ul> and then </ul>.


This is used when a file is found. Typical macro would be: <a href="%fRelativePath%">%AutoHrefText%</a> which will create a relative URL to a file.


Used when all the job is finished.

Template syntax

All the %% macros will be replaced with an adequate information. These macros are supported:

Additionally, using e.g. %fRelativePathWeb% will bring slightly different result - the spaces (ASCII code: 32) will be replaced with %20, to make it conforming to  html proper code. So, you can also use these macros:


Template examples

<h3><a href="%fRelativePath%">%AutoHrefText%</a></h3> will produce a link to a file\folder, relative to the start folder.

More options...

By clicking the More options... button you may specify more options.

The problem

This is actually why I wrote this application. I didn't find any program creating sitemaps, which would produce something what really looks like a sitemap. Most of them were creating simple file consisting of a directory structure, which is not what I wanted. Taking my own web as an example, there is a folder When using other programs, this folder was listed, and then an index.htm file being there. Since this is a website, there is no difference (index.htm will be open anyway), and what's more important - I simply didn't want this and other directories to be listed. Yes, I wanted "products" to be listed, but pointing to an index.htm file.

Besides, the listing should rather not be in alphabetical order, because it's rather not very accurate. The importance of the pages should be taken into a consideration.

So here we are. Options (they are typical for sitemaps, you rather don't want to use them when you want to simply get a content of a folder):

Exclude files\folders: files\folders consisting of the texts you specify here will not be listed, please don't use regular expression, it's not supported. To exclude all folders consisting of "private" in name click the "..." line, and type in private. Press delete key to remove one.

Add signature. If OFF, then the signature ("Generated with Sitemap Creator,") will not be added.


Command line


Given that the program is in:  c:/program files/sitemap creator/

"c:/program files/sitemap creator/sitemap_creator.exe" -profile "profileTitleOrPath"

Executes the program with given profile.

"c:/program files/sitemap creator/sitemap_creator.exe" "c:/my web" -profile "profileTitleOrPath"

Executes the program with the given profile, and given directory (sitemap will be created by reading the given directory and output file will be created in that directory).



Sitemap Creator will do it's job and exit. e.g.:

"c:/program files/sitemap creator/sitemap_creator.exe" "c:/my web" -profile "profileTitleOrPath" -JustDoIt


Note that, as usually, when there are whitespaces in paths, then it must be enclosed in double quotes. As a general rule, it's always good to do that.


Any ideas are as always welcome: and forum:

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